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April 2012 – Date
Freelance Design
Graphic Designer & Digital Media Artist working with:
DIVAcontemporary Studio, Marc Yeats [composer], Sinistre Theatre, Eva Fahle-Clouts [artist], Lekan Babalola [musician], Kate Luxmoor [musician], Philip Clouts Quartet,
Lesley Slight [artist], Nikki Northover [dancer/choreographer], Sammy Hurden [musician/composer], Nigel Slight [artist], substratumUK, ivon oates [artist], pomegranate.

November 1995 – June 2012
Freelance Design Studio Bridport, Dorset
Graphic Designer & Digital Media Artist working with: B-Side Festival, PVA MediaLab, Electric Palace Cinema, Trilith, Eggardon Kitchen, Sinistre, Page to Screen, Lekan Babalola [musician], Kate Luxmoor [musician], Trish Wylie [artist], Bridport Arts Centre, Artsreach, GustoMarket & Gustosecco, Malabar Trading, Sunnyside Organic Farm, activate performing arts [Dorset], ecosonic [Hastings], Contract Services, Soul Glo, English Bach Festival [London], Art Connexion [Lille], Compaigne Alain Germain [Paris].

August 1990 – November 1995
Mer-Scan Graphics & Computer Services Bridport, Dorset
Partner in Graphic Design and Computer Communications Company.
Varied client base including Imperial College Alumni Office, PSAW Charity [London],
Eurotubes UK & USA [Dorset & New York], Weymouth College, Dorset Video,
Dorset Art Week, Dorset Dance Forum, Alma, Radius Art, Dorchester Arts Centre,
Beaminster Festival, Bridport Festival, Briport Museum, Dorchester Festival,
Theatre of the Heart, Kingcombe Centre, itre [Dorset], Take Art!, Chard Womens Music Festival [Somerset].

October 1988 – April 1989
Image Data Design, Somerset
Computer Illustration on Nimbus system running Designer software, various clients,
predominantly in advertising and marketing.

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