projections for music


2 dates  | Strange Geometry (flt, vc, pno)

12.09 2011 The Shoe Factory, Nicosia, Cyprus | premiere
Pharos Arts Foundation
3rd Contemporary Music Festival

27.09. 2011 BKA, Berlin

Trio IAMA.

‘Green’ is a departure from my usual working practice of ‘field’ recording, in both audio and moving image work. The extensive manipulation of both colour and movement in this piece create a synergy between the visual and musical language of “Green” and the composition ‘Strange Geometry’ by Marc Yeats. The image makes direct reference to the composers, abstract, visual arts practice which informs his musical compositions and vice versa.

Strange Geometry: projection for music | 2011



2mins (of a 20min video for projection). Music composed by Marc Yeats.

during the summer of 2011 I began working on a number of video projects that investigate the nature of light and shadow.

‘shadow drawing 1’ is a video ‘field recording’ of ‘pure’ shadows without any intervention from surface, form or colour with no digital manipulation other than editing.


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