S O U N D I N G [S] ‘in the bakery’: mixed from a sonic installation, which took place on 6th April 2013, in a disused bakery – Bridport, Dorset UK – by David Rogers and Joe Stevens [metamedia]. The installation saw the artists investigate the intersections and relationships between architecture, space and sound. A live recording of the installation has been treated to create layers of textures to create a related but completely different work.

The work finds David and Joe shifting their approach to the uses of field recordings. Taking the artists into new directions in the editing of sound, integrating aspects of rhythm, signal processing and spatial recording within the framework of minimalist composition. Interrogating the perceptual boundaries between noise and music, researching the potential for sound to be embed back into the architecture.


released November 6, 2018
mixed by Joe Stevens (2013)
download produced by David Rogers (2018)



Performance podcast :: Archived with DIVAcontemporary STUDIO

Mandy Rathbone, ivon oates, David Rogers and Joe Stevens [metamedia]. Recording made during a live performance given by metamedia as part of sonic coast::metamedia open studio7 at DIVAcontemporary Studio 26th August 2013


5th August 2013

Ivon oates, Mandy Rathbone, David Rogers and Joe Stevens [metamedia] experiments in reinterpreting the landscape – working from and experimenting in the Drill Hall, sonically exploring Portland quarries, showcasing work in progress.

Supported by DIVAcontemporary Studio Bridport and Portland Sculpture Quarry Trust


MAKEaNOISE [art of noises]

9th March 2013 | 2 – 4pm

On March 9, 1913, during our bloody victory over four thousand passé-ists in the Costanzi Theater of Rome, we were fist-and-cane-fighting in defense of your Futurist Music, performed by a powerful orchestra, when suddenly my intuitive mind conceived a new art that only your genius can create: the Art of Noises, logical consequence of your marvelous innovations.

Luigi Russolo – opening paragraph of his letter to Francesco Balilla Pratella.

metamedia are:
Mandy Rathbone –
David Rogers –
Joe Stevens –
with MacBook Pro as ‘The Voice’ accompanied by the G3G5iMAC orchestra.


as part of the ‘art of noises’ MAKEaNOISE programme at DIVAcontemporary studio, the Staff (ages undisclosed) and Children (ages 2 – 4yrs) of St. Ronans Pre-School made a noise. recorded and mixed by David Rogers from an idea by Joe Stevens

link to DIVAcontemporary programme:

link to podcast of full programme: Archived with DIVAcontemporary STUDIO

link to downloadable 4 track studio version of performance:


Live sonic event in and around St. Catherine’s Chapel, Abbotsbury, Dorset UK

8th June 2012 | 2 – 4pm

experimental performative collaboration between artists Mandy Rathbone, Joe Stevens and David Rogers. Focusing on site-specific acoustic interventions.

5 track CD download

first mix [not included in final album]

all tracks edited and mixed by David Rogers


Live sonic event in the High Angle Battery on Portland UK

13th January 2012 | 2 – 4pm

experimental performative collaboration between artists Joe Stevens, ivon oates, Caitlin Copeland
and David Rogers. Focusing on site-specific acoustic interventions.

Limited edition CD no longer available.

edited and mixed by Joe Stevens


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