coast to coast :: sounding shore at the Whitstable biennale [satellite] 2016 – volume 1&2 available for download


Produced two downloadable CDs on DIVAcontemporary STUDIO net-label.

Link to download Performance on the beach [1]
Link to download Performance on the beach [2]

recorded live by David Rogers
engineered by Marcus Leadley

a satellite regular since 2010 (coast to coast :: sounding shore) marcus leadley once again collaborated with David rogers and mandy rathbone, installing his headphone listening system on the beach in front of Keems Yard.

While the coastal themes of previous years were retained, this year saw a focus on ‘live performance’ rather than recorded sound. creating a programme of live ‘silent’ sound-art where the practitioners had been asked to respond to the local environment in diverse, entertaining and thought provoking ways.

expect underwater sounds, home made instruments, the music of broken things, hidden sounds, elemental interactions and grand gestures…

supported by goldsmiths-logowb-satellite-logo-blue-and-orange-2016-e1462974543759


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