sonic coast :: sounding shore 2016


Whitstable Biennale 2016
Saturday 4th June 11am-5pm on the beach near Keams Yard

Collaborative project, with Marcus Leadley and Mandy Rathbone, part of the Whitstable Biennale Satellite programme. link to programme notes

Channel 1 : Live Performance
Xylitol • Nemeton [Adrian Newton] • Lab of Sonic Possibilities [Tansy Spinks and Iris Garrelfs] • Greg McLaren • Emmanuel Spinelli • Luke Scott and Lewis Wolstanholme • Douglas Benford • Daniel Ross • Ingrid Plum • Charles Vaughan and Tim Gardiner

Channel 2 : Recordings
Magz Hall • David Rogers • Marcus Leadley • John Levack Drever • Rob Mackay • ivon oates • Marjorie Van Halteren & Jeff Gburek • Benjamin Dallimore-Symonds • Jasmine Guffond • Jon Pigram • Rob Mackay • Jess Irvine • Mandy Rathbone • Salad Producer

supported by
goldsmiths logoand DIVAcontemporary STUDIO [Dorset]

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